लॉन्ग ब्लाउज के साथ साड़ी स्टाइल करने का तरीका by FashionHamesha


Saree is loved by every woman because it looks stunning on every body type. In addition, the main reason why it is still considered as a favorite outfit among women is that you can style it in countless ways. Blouse design helps a lot in creating a different look with saree. Currently, the fashion trend is to wear saree with long blouses. In this blog post, we will show you how to style sarees with long blouses.

If you are wondering how to style sarees with long kurtas or blouses and you are actually looking for some good inspiration, then check out the pictures below.

1. Sleeveless Kurti Style Blouse

You can also style your cotton saree with sleeveless kurti. You can keep the pallu straight or reverse with the kurta blouse. You can carry this outfit on casual occasions.



2. Stripe Shirt Style Long Blouse

This blouse design has a collar neck pattern and a side slit. This long blouse is open from the front so that you can easily drape the pallu from the center. If you wear a plain cotton saree with a striped long blouse, it will look very classy. This style will be perfect for formal occasions.



3. Sleeveless Short Kurta Blouse

This blouse has strappy sleeves and side slits. This short kurta blouse also has side pockets which looks quite stylish and smart.



4. Front Open Jacket Style Blouse

This blouse is made in a long jacket style with only one button in the front, which gives a unique look to the whole outfit. With this long blouse, you can wear a matching sleeveless blouse inside the saree.

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